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Connect your @stmarytx.edu Office 365 Account & Mailbox

All students, faculty and staff have access to an @stmarytx.edu email account that is part of Microsoft Office 365. If you are new to St. Mary's, you may need to activate your computer account ⇲ if you have not already done so. If you have any questions or problems, contact the TSC Help Desk at 210-431-4357, servicedesk@stmarytx.edu, or stop by the University Commons during regular business hours. 

Learn more about Office 365⇲ or continue reading to learn how to access your @*.stmarytx.edu email using any Web browser.

Access Your New Mailbox:

  1. Go to http://outlook.com/stmarytx.edu 
  2. On the Microsoft Office 365 Sign In page, enter your new email address: username@*.stmarytx.edu
  3. You will now be redirected to Gateway to validate your access. Enter your St. Mary's University username and password and click the Sign In button

Help using Outlook on the Web

View Microsoft's online help to learn how to do the following: 

  • Create and send a new message
  • Reply, reply to all, or forward an email message
  • Print an email message
  • Search your mailbox for a specific email message


​What about mobile devices?

If you rely on your mobile device to receive your St. Mary's email, it is important to verify that your smartphone or tablet is connected to your @*.stmarytx.edu mailbox. This will allow you to receive timely notifications.

You may receive an error from these apps telling you that the app is unable to connect to the server or it may simply fail to update. You will be able to connect the same apps to your new mailbox, but you will need to change your sign-in name from username@students.wwu.edu to username@wwu.edu. Click the following links to find out how to connect to your new @wwu.edu mailbox:

Office 365 for iPhone & iPad

The Outlook app for iOS is the recommended app for university email and calendar, but you can also use the native mail and calendar app for iOS .

The Outlook App


Office 365 for Android Phones & Tablets

We recommend the Outlook app from Microsoft.

  1. If you don't have Outlook for Android installed, download it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Outlook app, swipe through the introductions, and then tap Get Started
  3. Select the mail account you want to add: Office 365
  4. Sign-in as username@*.stmarytx.edu and enter your password.
  5. To learn more about using Outlook for Android, see Frequently asked questions about Outlook for iOS and Android⇲. This FAQ explains the Focused Inbox and how to switch to a single Inbox if you prefer to disable this feature.


What about Windows or Mac OS?

All faculty, staff and students can download and install Microsoft Office 2016, including Microsoft Oulook, from Office 365. 

Office 365 Help and Training Links


Who do I contact if I have problems?

Call (210.431.4357) or email the Technical Support Center for more information.


Microsoft Student Advantage

Office 365 :: Office 2019 : The New Microsoft Office for Students

IS is delighted to announce the new Microsoft Student Advantage program. Because of the University's enterprise agreement with Microsoft, students are able to download and install Microsoft Office 2016 desktop applications at no additional cost.

What software can I download?

Eligible students will be able to download Microsoft Office 365 applications on up to 5 devices (PC, Mac, and/or mobile device). These applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote*, Access*, and Publisher*.

*Windows PC client programs and/or features only. Cannot be used across devices

Where can I download Office 365 

All Platforms will be available in office 365, upon log in... you will find on the right top side of the screen this option.   Please follow the instructions provided by Microsoft according to your platform.

How long will it take to download Microsoft Office?

The download and installation process can take up to one hour to complete. The entire suite of Microsoft applications are downloaded in this process. Please be sure to plan accordingly and allocate enough time for the process to complete. Additionally, it may be helpful to ensure you have a full battery and/or power cord available to you.

Who is eligible?

Any student whose primary affiliation is "student". Full-time staff who are taking classes are also eligible to download.

What happens when I graduate or leave St. Mary's University?

Once you have left the University, your Microsoft Office 2016 subscription will end. You may enroll in other available consumer or commercial offers.


10 Reasons You'll Love Office 365


Work and collaborate more efficiently with Office 365

Whether you are completely new to Office 365, or just looking for new ideas on how Office 365 can improve your productivity, here are some of our favorite features to help you get started. 

Work from anywhere and from any device

When you save your files to OneDrive, an Office 365 Group, or to a SharePoint site you can access them from anywhere just as easily as you can from on-campus. Online apps for  Mail, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote let you work from any Web browser even if the computer does not have Microsoft Office installed. You can also install free mobile versions of these apps on your smartphone or tablet. 

Office 365 for Mobile Devices


Office 2016 works better in our Office 365 environment

Are you still using Office 2013 for Windows or Office 2011 for Mac? Upgrade to Office 2016 ⇲ for better Outlook performance and more intuitive Office 365 integration. Office 2016 is designed to work seamlessly with Office 365 email and Groups, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Yammer, and more. You will be able to search email faster and enjoy a more consistent experience between the desktop applications and the Web apps.  

Smarter Email Attachments

Outlook 2016 has an improved attachment button that will display a list of recent files. You don't need to browse for attachments anymore, unless the attachment is an older file. If you attach a file from your OneDrive, it will be attached as s shortcut with Edit permissions. You can override this option and attach the file as a copy, or as a link with view-only permission. 

  • Attaching a OneDrive file as a link with edit permissions allows multiple people to collaborate on editing the file more efficiently. Multiple people can edit a document simultaneously using Word Online, or you can track changes and view comments left by others in a single document. No need to manually merge edits from multiple copies of the same file! If you don't like the changes someone makes, you can always reject the changes or compare the latest version with a previous version of the file. You can completely restore a previous version or merge two versions.


 Do more with file attachments in Outlook 2016

Microsoft Teams

A group chat tool that is also a hub for teamwork! Teams allows you to communicate, collaborate, and share in real time (or whenever is convenient for you).  If you miss an online conversation about a project, all of the information will still be there for you to catch up on. 

Any faculty, staff, or student can create a team. Teams can be public (anyone can join) or private (members must be added by another team member). You can even invite people from outside the university. 

Access Teams from the Office 365 app grid, or go to teams.microsoft.com

Get Started with Microsoft Teams 

Office 365 Groups

If  you choose not to use Microsoft Teams, you can create an Office 365 Group for your workgroup or committee. Office 365 Groups function like regular group email lists, but they also include a Web interface that allows you to view group conversations, a shared calendar, shared files, and a shared OneNote notebook.

Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Planner helps you stay on task

Office 365 Groups just got a major upgrade with the addition of Planner. If you do not see Planner in your list of Office 365 apps yet, just sign-in to http://tasks.office.com  with your university account username@stmarytx.edu and  password. 

Office Lens Photo App

Photograph a poster, paper document or whiteboard using your smartphone and the Office Lens app. Save the image directly to OneDrive, OneNote or an Outlook email message.

Office Lens

Delve to Find

Delve  helps you discover the information that's likely to be most interesting to you right now - across Office 365. Find information about people - and through people - and help others find you. You don't have to remember the title of a document or where it's stored.

Sway Responsive Presentations

Easily create content that looks great on any device using Sway .


Skype for Business

Skype for Business
The following instructions use Windows screenshots, but you can also create meetings if you have Outlook 2016 and Skype for Business for macOS.
  1.  Open your calendar in Outlook and schedule a new meeting using "New Skype Meeting" button on the ribbon.


  1. Enter the names and/or email addresses of the individuals you would like to invite. They do not have to be members of the St. Mary's community.


  1. Click the SEND button.

Your recipients will receive an email invitation with a link to the meeting. The invitation also includes a telephone number so guests can join by phone for audio only. St. Mary's recipients who use Skype for Business will be able to click the link to launch the meeting in their Skype for Business client. Those who do not use Skype for Business will be taken to a Web page where they can join as a guest using the Web app (they will be prompted to install the Web app - see above). 

Guests can also join using the Skype for Business apps for Android or iOS, but they may not have access to all interactive features.

Skype for Business Meeting Tips & Troubleshooting

Skype Meetings with off-campus participants

  • If including a group of people from off-campus, we recommend testing functionality well before the actual meeting by having test meetings with one or more participants at a time.
  • If the participants have Skype for Business (not the consumer Skype) installed on their computers, all they should have to do is click the Join Meeting link in the Outlook meeting invitation.


Requirements for full audio & video experience

Participants should have 1) webcam, speakers and microphone (many webcams have microphones); or 2) a webcam and headset. If you do not have all of these, participation will be more limited.



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform built around group chat instead of email. 

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams

Any student, faculty, or staff member can create a Team and invite participants from both inside and outside of the St. Mary's community. The benefits of a team include:

  • Group chat, file sharing, and more among a group of people who need to work together.
  • A team can be private or public. A team owner must add or approve new team members for a private team. Anyone in the St. Mary's can join a public team.
  • Organize group chats by "channels" that focus on a specific topic or function. Create as few or as many channels as you need. Channels can be created as "private" if you want to restrict their contents to fewer members of the team.
  • Each channel has its own conversations tab, shared file storage, shared Wiki or OneNote, and more. You can create a tab for quick access to a web page, shared document or spreadsheet, shared Planner tasks, a SharePoint list, and more. 
  • The Teams app allows you to interact with any team you are a member of, and it also allows you to open direct private messages with individuals or groups. You can even start an audio or video chat and share your screen from within Teams.
  • An activity feed that shows you updates for all your teams.


Get the App

You can find the Microsoft Teams tile on the Office 365 apps grid or sign in using your university provided email username@*.stmarytx.edu and your password at https://teams.microsoft.com Screenshot: Open Teams from the Office 365 Apps Grid

  • When you open Microsoft Teams in a web browser on a Windows or macOS computer, you will be prompted to install the desktop client.  This desktop client will eventually be pushed to computers as part of a Microsoft Office update, but you can go ahead and install it today!
  • You can install the mobile app on your tablet or smartphone by going to the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS. 
  • The Teams app has a consistent look and feel across all devices.
  • Be sure to manage your notifications so you get alerts only for the channels you care about. Click your avatar in the upper right corner of the app and then click the SETTINGS icon to manage preferences and notifications. If you prefer to receive alerts via email, you can choose to receive email as well as a pop-up/banner notification.


What about phone calls? 

Skype for Business could be a solution to use, but you can still forward your phone to your cellphone to route your university related calls to your cellphone. You can use Teams for audio and video chats with other Teams users. 

Learn more about Microsoft Teams

Use the Help button in the lower left corner of Teams to access training videos and how-to articles from Microsoft. You can also visit the following website to see an overview of Teams:

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams 

Creating a Team - Compare the types of teams 

Microsoft Teams Help Center 

Click the Help icon from the Teams app to access training videos and how-to articles like the following:

Set up and customize your team (includes how to join a team) 

Start chats and calls  (you can call other Teams users, but not external numbers at this time) 

Upload and find files 

Collaborate in teams and channels 

How do Teams compare to Office 365 Groups?

Office 365 Groups use email as the primary communication method while Teams use group chat.

Groups are great because they provide us with a common location for sharing conversations, files, notes, tasks, a calendar, and more. The only problem is how do you know when there is new content in an Office 365 group that you should see? What if you can't remember where a conversation, file, or note lives? 

This is where Microsoft Teams comes in. You can create a Team that is based on an existing Office 365 Group.  It's your hub for Office 365 and it offers a new way to communicate with members of your team: Instant message channels that are organized by team and topic. 

The best part is that you have one activity feed to follow and one search bar to find content that has been previously shared within Teams. 

Office 365 Group owners can create a Team linked to an existing Office 365 Group and anyone can create a new Team.


St. Mary's has several options for hosting online meetings.  Please follow this guide to learn about your choices, and to help you determine which system is the right fit for your needs. 

Microsoft Teams 

The app is available at our Office 365 portal (https://office.com) or via browser at https://teams.microsoft.com ⇲.

Get Started with Microsoft Teams 


  • All St. Mary's students, faculty, and staff are automatically licensed
  • Allows users to instant message with one (Chat) or more people (Meet Now) with one click
  • Allow users to schedule online meetings 
  • Can add ability to meet via Teams to existing Outlook meetings
  • Allows users to create teams, channels, and persistent chats for instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing
  • Integrates with many Office 365 applications, like OneNote, Sharepoint, and Planner
  • Available as a desktop app, mobile app, via browser at no cost
  • Supports inviting guests from outside St. Mary's
  • Hosted in the cloud, so it does not rely on the main campus network to function



  • Making and receiving phone calls to outside telephone numbers is not yet available
  • Online meetings do not have a dial-in conference phone number; users must join the meeting from the web, desktop, or mobile apps. 


Skype for Business 

Available wherever Office is installed on university computers, or for individual download through Office 365. 

Text, talk, or video conference using Skype for Business 


  • Available to all St. Mary's students, faculty, and staff at no additional cost
  • Integrates with Outlook to create online meetings
  • Allows user-to-user instant messaging
  • Automatically creates a dial-in conference phone number (360 area code) whenever you create an online meeting



  • Chat feature is not persistent – when a chat ends or is idle for a period of time, the conversation is archived in the users' mailbox



In addition to other Web conferencing solutions (such as Skype for Business and Teams), St. Mary's now provides support for Zoom video conferencing services

Zoom Conferencing 


  • Popular and intuitive user interface
  • Integrates easily with Canvas for online instruction
  • Used by many of St. Mary's external partners/support providers
  • Provides dial-in conference services



  • Dial-in numbers for online meetings are not local
  • Does not offer the integrated communication and collaboration features of Microsoft Teams
  • Free licensing is limited to meetings of 40 minutes or less 



For Staff who wish to schedule online meetings: 

  • Use Teams, unless you need a traditional dial-in conference phone number for your meeting. 
  • Use Skype for Business if you need a dial-in conference phone number. 


For Faculty who wish to hold lecture or discussions online: 

  • Use Zoom if you want to leverage Canvas integration. 
  • Otherwise, create a Team for your class and invite the students to join it. 
  • Use Skype for Business if you need a dial-in conference phone number for your group. 


For Faculty who wish to hold meetings or office hours: 

  • Use Schedule a Zoom personal Meeting.
  • Use Zoom if the Canvas integration adds value to your meeting. 


For students who wish to collaborate online: 

  • Use Teams or Zoom, unless your instructors have already established a collaboration space online via another platform. 


OneDrive for Business is a Microsoft online service that provides resources for file storage, collaboration and communication.  Students will receive 1TB of storage space when in the O365 system.  All files that are stored in OneDrive are private initially. However, file permissions can easily be changed to share with other individuals (both at TCU and externally). The single-item file size upload limit is currently 1GB.  Microsoft has announced a pending increase to 10GB per single file but has not yet provided the delivery date.

OneDrive Features

  • Store 1TB of data online
  • Share files with the TCU community as well as external users
  • Access and synchronize files easily on multiple devices

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 4.05.08 PM

Using OneDrive

  1. Login to your O365 account
  2. Click OneDrive from the top menu bar. The first time in OneDrive, you may see a message indicating the account is being activated.  That process takes a few minutes to complete.
  3. You can use the OneDrive service from the browser window.  Once you have initially launched one drive, it should also be a default save option without your Microsoft Office applications.  You can also download the OneDrive Sync application onto your computer.  This will automatically backup files saved to a specified location to your OneDrive account.


Adding One Drive to your Microsoft Office Suite

  1. Launch an Office application
  2. Click File
  3. Click Account
  4. Click Add a service
  5. Select Storage– One Drive
  6. Enter your email address using the @mail.stmarytx.edu format


Synchronizing Files

onedrive sync

Sync allows you to designate one or more OneDrive for Business folders to be replicated on your local computer or mobile device.  Once you establish sync, you can change a file in OneDrive online and the local copy of the file is updated automatically and vice versa.

Staging Enabled