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St. Mary's University has introduced a new version of Gateway, an improved version of our community's intranet portal that is a powerful communications and functional tool for our students, faculty and staff.

The new version of Gateway has important features that will make using the intranet easier than ever before:

  • A new structure and hierarchy intended to improve users' ability to find and use a variety of features, including a search function
  • Information will be available specifically for faculty, employees, students and schools, allowing messages and information to reach the best audience.
  • Schools, departments and even classes can choose to set up their own community pages on the site as an effective communication channel with specific or widespread groups.
  • The site will function more as a traditional website, with the ability for designated users to easily add content and images.
  • An in-portal messaging system will allow messages to reach the appropriate audiences, reducing the impact of overloading students' and employees' campus email accounts.


One significant shift is moving information that is intended only for our internal audience from the public website to Gateway. Information that still has some measure of external audience will remain on the public site. The goal is to ensure that our public website can be what it is intended to be: a premier marketing tool for prospective students and an imaging tool for our University.

Additionally, this will allow the University to streamline on-campus communications in a way that allows more effective communication with our students, faculty and staff.

Information Technology Services will remain the technology point of contact for Gateway, while University Communications will take the lead on information and content, working with groups campus-wide to ensure a vibrant and informative intranet portal.

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